• Posted by : Ustadi Aziz Selasa, 12 Agustus 2014

    Series Information

    OVA Series, 3 episodes
    Jun 13, 2014 
    Ecchi, H+, 


    Firstly, I'm grading this as a hentai. Secondly, this hentai contains loli material, which may offend some people.
    From what I could tell, there is a sister character who is trying thing, which she found in an erotic book, on her brother (you, as it is in POV). Decent story for a hentai, 5/10.
    The art is great, 10/10. I haven't seen a hentai with this quality of art in a while. The animation is also very smooth. Often a hentai will use nice art to make up for crappy animation, but this is an exception.

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      pass apa? dah dowload tapi pass rarnya apa? gakbisa diextrks

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      passwordnya apaa ? mau join grup gabisa

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